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Hey, I'm Hunter. I'm an internet entreprenuer with a football addiction and a coffee problem. Mostly, I love building teams and developing software.

My most recent project is Klutch : a scheduling messenger. It's like WhatsApp meets Yelp.

Before Klutch, I developed and launched Atlas, managed product development at Mingling Media, and made mobile software for sales people.

I got my B.A. at Yale where I studied Psychology & Economics. I also co-founded and captained the Club Soccer team. #boolaboola
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Growing up

I will be forever grateful for the four years I was lucky enough to spend at Yale. I truly feel I grew up there, figured out who I was, and what I wanted out of my life. Most importantly, I think I figured out the types of people I like to be around and as such was able to meet some of the most amazing people whose friendships I will treasure for my entire life.

I started off studying Economics and Computer Science. In my sophomore year, I ventured into a Psychology 101 class with Peter Salovey, then head of Psychology dept and now Yale University President, and I fell in love with the subject area. Economics is an incredible way to learn the basics of how money works and how economies grow and die (of countries and companies). But I quickly became most interested in the intersection of psychological behavior and technology. I was lucky enough that I had two advisors that helped me craft the perfect curriculum for me to explore my interests: Peter Salovey (then head of Psychology Dept, now President of the University) and Ben Polak (Professor at Yale MBA program, Decision Theory, Game Theory).

On campus, I played a lot of soccer. I co-founded the Yale Men’s Club Soccer team and also played for Trumbull’s residential college soccer team. We played Harvard’s winningest team the eve before the Yale v. Harvard Football game in 2004 and we scored 4 goals defeating Harvard 4-1 (hat-trick by yours truly). Too bad the Cantab’s didn’t take our pre-game $100 per goal wager.

I wish I could have another 4 years to explore all the opportunities that Yale offers.

Yale University
Graduated: 2005
Majors: Psychology, Economics

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