About Me
Hey, I'm Hunter. I'm an internet entreprenuer with a football addiction and a coffee problem. Mostly, I love building teams and developing software.

My most recent project is Klutch : a scheduling messenger. It's like WhatsApp meets Yelp.

Before Klutch, I developed and launched Atlas, managed product development at Mingling Media, and made mobile software for sales people.

I got my B.A. at Yale where I studied Psychology & Economics. I also co-founded and captained the Club Soccer team. #boolaboola
My Writing
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Mingling Media

Mobile Explosion

When Apple launched the App Store in 2008, everything changed. The world went mobile and accordingly, instantly craved mobile-first products. I left Shield to start Mingling Media – a mobile app development shop with a good friend of mine. We started building bespoke apps for clients and soon found ourselves putting our focus into our internal alpha projects, including Atlas (a mobile calendar app that allowed users to schedule a simple meeting time). Atlas led to Klutch where we fine tuned the product into a social messaging platform.

Mingling Media
Founded: 2007

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