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Hey, I'm Hunter. I'm an internet entreprenuer with a football addiction and a coffee problem. Mostly, I love building teams and developing software.

My most recent project is Klutch : a scheduling messenger. It's like WhatsApp meets Yelp.

Before Klutch, I developed and launched Atlas, managed product development at Mingling Media, and made mobile software for sales people.

I got my B.A. at Yale where I studied Psychology & Economics. I also co-founded and captained the Club Soccer team. #boolaboola
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Meetup Messenger

A few years ago, I started a company to address a problem I was having on a daily basis – scheduling meetings. Whether getting together for drinks with friends or locking in a time and place to meet with an investor, scheduling became the bane of my existence. Sisyphus had a better deal! At least he didn’t have to deal with endless back-and-forth email threads!

So, I created Klutch for iPhone – the fast, fun way to chat and make plans with friends. Check it out. It’s super easy.

“It might be worthy of a place on your home screen.”


“Getting a bunch of friends together for dinner or drinks can be a huge hassle, but Klutch makes the whole thing really easy.”

“Ever felt frustrated coordinating a gathering because everyone has their own preferences and schedules? Klutch, a beautiful group scheduling app, can take those hassles away for you.”

Klutch Messenger
Founded: 2011


Featured on the App Store in "Best New Apps" and "Social Networking"

(5 stars)

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