About Me
Hey, I'm Hunter. I'm an internet entreprenuer with a football addiction and a coffee problem. Mostly, I love building teams and developing software.

My most recent project is Klutch : a scheduling messenger. It's like WhatsApp meets Yelp.

Before Klutch, I developed and launched Atlas, managed product development at Mingling Media, and made mobile software for sales people.

I got my B.A. at Yale where I studied Psychology & Economics. I also co-founded and captained the Club Soccer team. #boolaboola
My Writing
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Genie Mobile

 Apps for Sales Leaders

After college, I started working for a public company (then NYSE: PPD) building and developing their sales team in California. The team that I started broke all the sales records (nationwide) in the company for success in the first 24 months. After having worked in the field for two years, I shifted my focus to developing technology that would assist the sales teams nationwide to increase their sales and team growth. At this time, I started Mingling Media and began to develop a product called “Genie Mobile” – the intelligent sales assistant.

Genie Mobile
Created: 2008

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